A Brief on Blue Baby

Madeline Muro ( Maddy) is a teenager on the sidelines of life - a girl with a dying heart that won't let her be "normal."  Henry Crimson is a kid that can help Maddy in a way that no one else can.  But Maddy's heart doesn't care about anything or anyone that can help her.  It has forced her under the sterile knives and masked surgeons who have split her sternum since birth, and now it wants to take Maddy to a place where no one can reach her.  Blue Baby explores the razor's edge of life, death, and the subtleties of fate.   

A Bit About Me

 I am working on a new book as well as shorter pieces. The Trouble With Leopards, a short story for those who like them, is linked to this site and was published in The Write Place at the Write Time.

The new book is a departure from Blue Baby - much darker.  I have taken the step into dystopian, but not in a fad-like manner.  The Outer Rim of Light will not be fantastical, but real. Real in the way people change during societal breakdown. Prolonged societal breakdown.  As with all my writing, it is an intimate focus on character development in a tense world.